Writing 201: Day Seven — October 13, 2015

Writing 201: Day Seven

We live near the Thames

The life blood of London

Of a Sunday, we eat, drink and are merry in

Old pubs, where the dockers of past downed post labour pints

Something within the air here makes me feel safe

Strolling through an autumnal Southwark park, just the other day

(My 29th birthday in fact)

We took in the green, red and golden hues of a winter, fast approaching

Smiled, breathed in crisp, cold air

And knew, once again, that we were home.

Writing 201: Day 1 – Screen — October 7, 2015

Writing 201: Day 1 – Screen

You come between my boyfriend and I

He says that I spend too much time, staring

Staring listlessly into your gentle light

You’re my vision into other worlds

My silent, stalking partner in crime, whenever I snoop on a frenemy

Or nine, now and again

Hours swoop by, as I gaze at you, open mouthed.