(One of the very first poems I ever wrote, loosely based upon the near death of my younger sister whom almost died from meningitis, was read the last rites, but by nothing short of a miracle managed to pull through. She is now a beautiful 25 year old woman)
I’ll keep you in this box
Locked away from the sins of the world
Your porcelain skin remains perfect
Unblemished by the worries of this existenceYou can be my perfect secret
Untouched by the hands of men
Eternal youth blesses your angelic face
As you sleep forever in this hidden place

I love you,always have,always will
Even though you lay there , so still
I refused to believe when they said you were ill

Took you away where they could not reach you
Wanting so badly to keep you happy,keep you safe
When you closed your eyes that last time
I couldn’t lose you,the one thing that’s mine

So I found the best way for us to be together
Hidden from prying eyes
My child,my baby,a tiny image of me
Snatched away from my arms
But while mother is here,you will come to no harm
When my time comes,we will finally be together

I told them right from the start you are mine.