I feel like I need to write this blog post because this thought just won’t leave my mind. The guy will never read this but I need to get it written down; the more I dwell upon it, the more pissed I feel about it. Always try to let things go is something I try to adhere to a lot of the time but for some reason I can’t let this incident go.

Around two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I were having a drink at home. Now most days I don’t really smoke but when I have a beer or two I do crave nicotine.  I’m obviously not going to smoke in our apartment so I was going downstairs and having a smoke just a little way up the street from the security gate of our apartment block.

Now bear in mind, I live in what is considered to be an up and coming area of London. There are lovely apartments on my street but one of the streets that runs adjacent to mine is what you could consider quite rough and ready. Our area is also quite poorly lit, I just wanted to set the scene for you there.

Even though I feel pretty safe on my street and even though I was standing just outside my building, I still have been born and raised in London and as such I am always aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately, the cherry of my cigarette in the dark was evidently a beacon of light for the man that came up to me. He asked me if I had a spare cigarette. I genuinely didn’t as I had left the packet of cigarettes upstairs in my apartment.  The guy towered over me, and I must admit (this is part of my annoyance at the situation), that I was intimidated by the way that he asked me. It was more of a demand than a request, there was no “please” phrased as part of this sentence. Wanting to get away, I didn’t even look him in the eye and simply said that he could have the remainder of the cigarette I was smoking, even though I had only really taken a few drags. Shoving it at him, I turned to hasten away to my building when he said, and this is what really, REALLY pisses me off

“Do you not want to chill with me whilst I smoke this”?

Hold up.


WHAT? You have just come up to me, from the darkness, at nearly midnight on a Friday evening, willingly taken my cigarette from me, and then you actually presume that I would want to spend any amount of time with you? Especially when my body language is screaming back away from me.

Added to this, when I mumbled no and was hastening away, he asked me where I lived! Don’t forget, we were right in front of my damn building! Needless to say, I was more than a little shaken as I fumbled to get the security gate opened and slammed close before he could possibly make it into the hallway between our security gate and the security door to our building.

So, creepy woman intimidating man that clearly didn’t care about scaring a woman, I really hope we never meet again.