Sometimes She dislikes He for no reason
She just feels like it in that day
And isn’t that the sad truth of it?
Sometimes we all hurt others, just because we can?
It’s always easier to see the Evil all around
Rather than the small good deeds that occur everyday, without a sound
You can spend a lifetime dreaming of the things yet to happen
Missing out on the simple pleasures of the present
Ever wonder why they call it that? The clues in the name.
They call us the human race, but who are the winners? Really?
We all end up at the same finish line.
Maybe you class winning as the distance ran? 70 years? Is that a good innings?
Or maybe you count the amount of people who you leave a mark on as the winners rosette?
Me? I’m more happy for every day I wake up still here!
Yet it’s so deliciously easy to get caught up in the minutiae of the daily grind
Be wary of looking at the stars for too long, some warn
They might disappear, and you’ll be disappointed by the dawn