Many who know me well are not aware of my deep relationship with God. Deep down, below my personality of a somewhat bawdy, moderately intelligent, gregarious and sometimes driven way too quickly to temper individual, there is always God. I don’t ever seek to speak to others of my love for God, or to try and change their beliefs. He is my Heart and that’s all that matters to me.

There have been many dark times in my life where I have questioned His ways. However, I think this is just part of my journey, as I get older I am beginning to trust in him more and open my heart to the path He is walking with me. Although I will always feel a lack of human companionship when there are no other human beings to be found, I always feel a presence with me. I believe it to be Him. So I am never really alone, for He is always with me.

He is the only one who will every truly know me, every good deed and dark thought that I have ever done or possessed. Yet He loves me still. It’s because of His love that I am able to take the hurt that has lingered from my earthly loves and heal from them and realise that his Divine love is the most important love I possess.

Most importantly, it is through His love that I have learnt to love others, to forgive when I have been wronged, and to ask for forgiveness when I have hurt others.

I identify as a Christian but I do not visit church, for I believe that God is everywhere and present wherever I am and whatever I am doing. However, I do aim to visit church more often, just to reflect as sometimes the words I need to pray come easier when I am in His house.

I love him with all of my heart.