As I sit here at the grand old age of 28, I’ve started to ponder the differences in the way I thought about things in my early twenties compared to the twilight years of my twenties. To say that your twenties are one of the most transitional decades of your life does ring with more than a little truth. So here are the ten things I have come to realise about life (so far at least) in my late twenties. I hope they provide solace for those of you in your twenties, thirties, heck, even forties who still haven’t figured out what to do with their life. Do we ever truly?

10 Things You Come To Realise In Your Late Twenties

1. I can’t, as much as I would deny it, consume anything more than two beers without having some form of hangover the next day. This is a truth I struggle with every Friday night, and forget every Friday night, but which I am painfully reminded of every Saturday morning.

2. There is no shame, at all, in wanting to stay home of a weekend. That friend who mocks you for it, are they starting to look a little worn around the edges? Yeah there’s a reason behind that. It’s called BURNOUT. Netflix was invented for a reason.

3. Life is very, very busy. Where did all the time go? Trying to find a miniscule gap in yours and a friends seperate schedules in which to sit down together and take stock over a glass of wine gets more and more difficult with each passing year.

4. NO is a good word. It’s not dirty, it’s necessary sometimes and it will set you free. Practice saying it with me N-O. N-O.. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO. Feels good huh? Say it one more time just for luck!

5. Netflix, even though I am a huge fan, I still find it hard to justify binge watching, there’s so so little downtime in the average persons life that I feel it might just be good to get out and see the sun for a while? Of course, the occasional binge never hurt anyone.

6. Nature, I have no idea when or how this happened but the older I have gotten, the more I have craved to feel and see nature around me. Still haven’t quite figured out the rationality behind this one!

7. True friendships deepen over the years, honestly I can count on one hand the number of friends I truly still seek the company of and whom I genuinely care for or actively seek to sustain a friendship with. Those friendships are worth their weight in gold.

8. If someone says that they no longer wish to be in a relationship with you. give yourself time to grieve that relationship and adjust your life accordingly to that person no longer being around, but don’t hope for reconciliation 99% of the time. Some relationships work out, others don’t, but those that don’t put you one step closer to The One! No matter how long the healing process takes, you must be ok with yourself before jumping into another relationship. This is only fair on both yourself and any future lovers, because otherwise you’re only giving a half hearted version of yourself, all the form but with none of the colour. Where’s the fun in that?

9. Metabolism slowing down….it’s NOT a myth. If you eat that cake you will have to work off that cake. The body needs to be taken care of once it’s past it’s glory days. Time to start using it and slowing down the abusing of it!

10. Why am I always so tired!