I’ve been unable to blog recently as daily life came into play, which is an awful excuse I know. To give myself a little leeway I will say that I have one new, and one potentially new client that I have been corresponding with, so I have been earning a crust which sometimes has to take precedence.

I am committing Sunday of this week to catching up with all of the Blogging 201 tasks which I have fallen stupendously behind with. I’ve felt a real drag that I have been unable to do even one or two of them of late so I am looking forward to that immensely.

On a side note, I do adore a good adage. However I’ve never really been a fan of that old chestnut of an adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” namely because I make a living from words! In this instance though, I thought that I would include a photo in my post to give anyone mildly interested in my working environment (i.e my desk in my bedroom) a sneak peek into where I bash words out on a keyboard everyday. So here it is!


Nothing very exciting there I am afraid. My favourite item on my desk is my penguin pen holder which holds my fountain pen (or grown up pen as I prefer to call it). The pen holder was bought in a charity shop by me, intended as a gift for a close friend but which I kept as I loved it so much. It’s very beaten up though.

My pen jar! I have two other perfectly serviceable, and actual pen jars which I don’t use. Instead I used a large, old glass coffee jar as I like to see my pens and I prefer the simplicity of using a glass jar.

The obligatory mug of coffee, perhaps the biggest stereotype of what you would expect to find on a writers desk. This rather colourful one has a picture of Princess Lea on it. The mug does not belong to me but I am a Star Wars fan (how could you not be – the films are AWESOME).

Hmm….let’s see what else is there? Oh yes, the new La Roux album – Trouble In Paradise. I’m a big fan of La Roux, this was their first release in five years!

Hope that gives you a little insight into me! What kind of things do you keep on your desk?