In line with the second day of the project I have taken a real long hard look at my blog, it’s appearance and my overall branding of my blog.

My main focus for the immediate future of this blog is to create an online portfolio of my various creative works but also to include some of the work I do for clients in a freelance capacity. Here I wish to successfully combine the two into a blog that my usual readership, but also potential clients, will enjoy and find easy to access.

In line with the above, I have stripped back my blogs appearance significantly. Here I want the reader to concentrate on the content, first and foremost, for isn’t that what we all read blogs for, the content that interests us?

I am now using a free theme called Syntax. It has a sober grey background with white text. All  of my widgets are at the bottom of the page and I have a nifty little button near the top which you click to access my menu which lists my different post categories. I am already liking the neatness and simplicity this theme and couple of tweaks have given to my blog.

Today I finally got around to updating my Gravatar profile, adding a photo of me and a little more information about myself, my interests and what I hope to achieve from this blog.

Let me know what you think?