This year I am participating in Blogging 201. The purpose of this project is to enable bloggers to refine their blogging skills through the help of daily tasks. These will come in the format of targeted posts.

The first of these tasks is to set three achievable goals which you hope to achieve by the close date of the project which is 31 December 2014. As such, listed below are my goals which I hope to achieve with the help of Blogging 20

1. Increase my readership by 25 percent by the deadline of December 31st.
2. Be a generally more involved reader of the blogosphere by reading and commenting blogs with a similar readership and which cover similar topics and thus become more involved with the blogging community as a whole.
3. Post at least twice a week and less sporadically than I currently do. My main aim is to improve my blog and and some really worthy content.

I look forward to improving my blog and engaging with some wonderful fellow bloggers.