Can we only ever have one truly creative love? — June 21, 2014

Can we only ever have one truly creative love?

Ever since I was a little girl, words, writing, have been my greatest love. They have been the security, friends and family I have needed when the world threatened to topple down on me. Dark days have shown clearer skies because of the way words enable me to express myself. However, of late, well, the past six months or so, I have fallen truly, madly, deeply and utterly in love with music. My writing is still present, but now it is turning itself into song lyrics. Once upon poems, stories flowed from my pen/fingers as I typed/wrote. Now, it is emotions, celebrations and remembrances of lost loves that seem to occupy every single minute that I can possibly commit in my life to creative pursuits; forming themselves into verses, a bridge and a chorus.

Not only that, but I have tentatively started to sing. Not because I believe that I possess any real noticeable talent in this regard, simply because it just feels, well, it just feels right. If I can’t sing at some point everyday I become disheartened, I imagine it is how a bird must feel when it’s song announces the arrival of spring. I can’t explain it, it’s just something within me that has awokened. It’s vital and a part of the very essence of my being. Which brings me to the whole point of this blog post, can we ever really have more than one creative outlet which we give ourselves 110 % to? Is there room in the heart, mind and soul to commit our deepest passion, that which makes us feel most alive and fulfiiled, to more than one art form, whatever your choices may be?

It feels to me that my life has almost been split in two, in terms of my creativity, there is the past me, who lived her life amongst Keats, Byron and the love of the written word, of stories; and the present, the love for music which is fast becoming my r’aison detre. Yet, I don’t want to lose my dedication for writing, because it has carried me through so much, and I can say without feeling shame, that I do possess a small amount of talent in that capacity.

What do you think? Is your heart torn between two creative pursuits? Or do you believe that two or more creative pursuits can be indulged, side by side in your life, with each receiving the same amount of passion and dedicatiom?

Dream. — June 19, 2014


Dead weight


Forever dreaming, formless shapes.

Ever drifting

Never reaching awake.