The dreaded P word. Procastination. Scourge of writers, artists, musicians and most human beings on the planet, everywhere. Yet one of the most difficult habits to break, it comes so naturally, creeping up on you like sleep after a long day in the office. Hours, minutes, even days roll on whilst we develop finely tuned skills and talent in the art of procastination, whilst ignoring our intended pursuits. She is a wiley mistress.

At PDX magazine this week, we would like to know what your personal chosen methods of procastination are. Perhaps you find yourself an avid fan of YouTube when a deadline is looming? Or maybe you must just watch that remaining twenty minutes of that DVD you keep falling asleep before the end of? Whatever your chosen method, now that Spring is almost here, are you feeling more rejuvenated, in a more singular frame of mind to get all those niggly but pretty important jobs done? Let us know! You know where the comment box is!