Only Lovers Left Alive, the new film starring Tilda Swinton. This post isn’t a review as such, but rather a ponder of the thoughts and feelings that the film creates. For a vampire film, there isn’t a single occurrence of blood sucking An interesting take, but one which undoubtedly adds to the sensuality of this film which is sure to become a cult classic.

Immortality, arguably the greatest gift, and curse of being a vampire. Adam, the male protagonist vampire, is morose at the beginning of the film. Contemplating suicide by wooden bullet, fuelled by the despair he feels at the way the “zombies” i.e the vampiric name for day dwellers, and the way that they treat each other, it begs the question if we could ever tire of the gift of eternal life? Centuries of being witness to suffering certainly seem to be taking their toll on him. Equally, on the other side of the coin, Adam’s lover, Eve (nice choice of names for your characters there Mr.Jarmusch, well played) is full of vigour, with a deep love for nature and the virtues of friendship and “dance”. She is in the world and all that reside within it, surely such love is reminiscent of a being who is, in some form at least, in possession of a soul?

As I said, this is not really a review, however, spoiler alert for those whom are wondering how the vampires feed…..

They have become ethical and buy blood samples from corrupt doctors for large sums of money.

A deeply atmospheric soundtrack creates a certain magic within the realms of this film. Brooding and slow paced at times, yet coupled with some wonderfully light comedic scenes, added to the centuries old love that is portrayed so wonderfully between Tilda and Tom Hiddleston, Only Lovers Left Alive gives a beautiful, thought provoking look into how love really could live on through the ages. We highly recommend.