This was written a few years ago now, but it still rings pretty true.


The thing about first loves is that they do, in some way or another, affect the way future loves are formed. Just recall that complete and utter high you got from your first relationship, maybe it was partially due to everything being new and exciting, but are we ever really able to recall that level of intensity again in our adult lives? Yes, we can,but we are in some ways always trying to recreate that first flush of youthful joy.

Sex is a completely different thing. There is no doubt that sex with someone you truly have that passion for is unbeatable, yet no two sexual encounters are ever the same, even with the same person. Forgive my frankness but some of the most euphoric sexual relationships I have ever had have been from short, intense flings which end up becoming brilliantly honest friendships in which there are no barriers, because you have crossed the ultimate one already. 

I’ve written this because I thought it would be good, with the sham that is Valentines Day fast approaching, if we all took a step back and asked ourselves a question. Why do we feel the need to create a false front for love, when it should be present in the everyday things that we do for those we love? Surely the most true forms of love are shown through our actions? The sacrifices we make for the good of another person, being there when things are bad as well as good?