Sometimes, taking stock of all the good things in life can, I find, help to remind you that things really aren’t as bad as they may seem in the bigger picture. Often, the greatest pleasures in life are the most simple.

Below, are five things which make a difference in my life, and which I hope I don’t always take for granted.

1. Coming home to a cooked meal after a long working day, this is one of the greatest gifts ever, and I have it everyday! So thankful for this one in particular!

2. Having people to talk to, friends and family at a near distance to me, whom I can hang out with. For such a huge city as London, there is a worryingly large amount of people of my age group (twenties) whom spend a lot of time alone.

3. Being able to express myself through writing is a key factor in my day to day happiness. Having a passion for anything, something that allows you to connect with your inner self through creativity, is a wonderful gift.

4. Having a job! In this current economic climate, even though we are on our way up and out of the recession, being in employment at all is something to be embraced. Not only for the financial comfort it brings, but the routine and structure it provides.

5. Finally, the internet. We take it for granted everyday, but it is this very medium that allows us all in the blogosphere, the media, and the world to communicate and share knowledge as we do.

What’s the one small, everyday, thing that you are thankful for?