Letting go. The practise is so much easier than the reality. As humans we are pesky little critters for holding onto people, places and things with such ferocity, it’s remarkable really. Change can bring such sweet relief sometimes, but the initial sting of losing that to which we have grown accustomed, it’s painful, to say the least.

Of all things, it is letting go of Love which leaves the longest lasting legacy. It’s a process fraught with peaks and troughs, one minute hopeful for that promise which the new dawn brings. The next, you’re drowning in a sea of melancholia, rose tinted glasses firmly on the bridge of ones nose, pining for the past.

Despite this legacy, adages exist, many believe, for a reason. For isn’t there a grain of truth in every lie? In this context, love lost is tempered rather wonderfully by that all powerful being, Time. With the aforementioned promise that each day brings, it also brings you one day further away from the person that you were on the day that the change began. </p>

Has time healed your wounds? Do you believe that change is not only good, but necessary? Or do you fight to keep things the way they are, because they make you happy. Are you scared of change, the future? The unknown?