Rainy Thursday — February 27, 2014

Rainy Thursday

Inspired by a rainy morning on the final Thursday in February 2014

The Scarlett letters

Oh Rainy Thursday

You taunt me

My 5.40 am wake up call seems even crueller still

When you pound against my window pane

On you I place all the weeks blame

My energy reserves are nearly drained

By the time Rainy Thursday comes round again

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Only Lovers Left Alive — February 23, 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive, the new film starring Tilda Swinton. This post isn’t a review as such, but rather a ponder of the thoughts and feelings that the film creates. For a vampire film, there isn’t a single occurrence of blood sucking An interesting take, but one which undoubtedly adds to the sensuality of this film which is sure to become a cult classic.

Immortality, arguably the greatest gift, and curse of being a vampire. Adam, the male protagonist vampire, is morose at the beginning of the film. Contemplating suicide by wooden bullet, fuelled by the despair he feels at the way the “zombies” i.e the vampiric name for day dwellers, and the way that they treat each other, it begs the question if we could ever tire of the gift of eternal life? Centuries of being witness to suffering certainly seem to be taking their toll on him. Equally, on the other side of the coin, Adam’s lover, Eve (nice choice of names for your characters there Mr.Jarmusch, well played) is full of vigour, with a deep love for nature and the virtues of friendship and “dance”. She is in the world and all that reside within it, surely such love is reminiscent of a being who is, in some form at least, in possession of a soul?

As I said, this is not really a review, however, spoiler alert for those whom are wondering how the vampires feed…..

They have become ethical and buy blood samples from corrupt doctors for large sums of money.

A deeply atmospheric soundtrack creates a certain magic within the realms of this film. Brooding and slow paced at times, yet coupled with some wonderfully light comedic scenes, added to the centuries old love that is portrayed so wonderfully between Tilda and Tom Hiddleston, Only Lovers Left Alive gives a beautiful, thought provoking look into how love really could live on through the ages. We highly recommend.

Valentines, Sham-entines! — February 14, 2014

Valentines, Sham-entines!

This was written a few years ago now, but it still rings pretty true.


The thing about first loves is that they do, in some way or another, affect the way future loves are formed. Just recall that complete and utter high you got from your first relationship, maybe it was partially due to everything being new and exciting, but are we ever really able to recall that level of intensity again in our adult lives? Yes, we can,but we are in some ways always trying to recreate that first flush of youthful joy.

Sex is a completely different thing. There is no doubt that sex with someone you truly have that passion for is unbeatable, yet no two sexual encounters are ever the same, even with the same person. Forgive my frankness but some of the most euphoric sexual relationships I have ever had have been from short, intense flings which end up becoming brilliantly honest friendships in which there are no barriers, because you have crossed the ultimate one already. 

I’ve written this because I thought it would be good, with the sham that is Valentines Day fast approaching, if we all took a step back and asked ourselves a question. Why do we feel the need to create a false front for love, when it should be present in the everyday things that we do for those we love? Surely the most true forms of love are shown through our actions? The sacrifices we make for the good of another person, being there when things are bad as well as good?

Five small things that make all the difference — February 12, 2014

Five small things that make all the difference

Sometimes, taking stock of all the good things in life can, I find, help to remind you that things really aren’t as bad as they may seem in the bigger picture. Often, the greatest pleasures in life are the most simple.

Below, are five things which make a difference in my life, and which I hope I don’t always take for granted.

1. Coming home to a cooked meal after a long working day, this is one of the greatest gifts ever, and I have it everyday! So thankful for this one in particular!

2. Having people to talk to, friends and family at a near distance to me, whom I can hang out with. For such a huge city as London, there is a worryingly large amount of people of my age group (twenties) whom spend a lot of time alone.

3. Being able to express myself through writing is a key factor in my day to day happiness. Having a passion for anything, something that allows you to connect with your inner self through creativity, is a wonderful gift.

4. Having a job! In this current economic climate, even though we are on our way up and out of the recession, being in employment at all is something to be embraced. Not only for the financial comfort it brings, but the routine and structure it provides.

5. Finally, the internet. We take it for granted everyday, but it is this very medium that allows us all in the blogosphere, the media, and the world to communicate and share knowledge as we do.

What’s the one small, everyday, thing that you are thankful for?

— February 11, 2014

Letting go. The practise is so much easier than the reality. As humans we are pesky little critters for holding onto people, places and things with such ferocity, it’s remarkable really. Change can bring such sweet relief sometimes, but the initial sting of losing that to which we have grown accustomed, it’s painful, to say the least.

Of all things, it is letting go of Love which leaves the longest lasting legacy. It’s a process fraught with peaks and troughs, one minute hopeful for that promise which the new dawn brings. The next, you’re drowning in a sea of melancholia, rose tinted glasses firmly on the bridge of ones nose, pining for the past.

Despite this legacy, adages exist, many believe, for a reason. For isn’t there a grain of truth in every lie? In this context, love lost is tempered rather wonderfully by that all powerful being, Time. With the aforementioned promise that each day brings, it also brings you one day further away from the person that you were on the day that the change began. </p>

Has time healed your wounds? Do you believe that change is not only good, but necessary? Or do you fight to keep things the way they are, because they make you happy. Are you scared of change, the future? The unknown?

Can words change your life? —

Can words change your life?


Words changed my life. They pulled me from the very depths of despair. There were dark, almost unspeakable thoughts inside my head. They threatened to engulf me, until one small decision impacted the rest of my life in a way I could never imagine, I put pen to paper and just began to write.

Words don’t always have to hold great depth or meaning. They can be flippant, throwaway, the most important thing is that they are honest and come from, and out, of you.

Seeing your problems in black and white, physically represented, on the paper (or screen), can, most often. give you the confidence to overcome them. At the very least, it can help you find strength to face those self-same problems head on. Putting them to the paper is the first step in acceptance. The only way is up from there.

How has writing helped you in your life?