images Just a little bit of your time……  

How much time do you take out of your life, to dedicate to helping someone else?

Even the most philanthropic of us are guilty of being a little too self-involved at times. Not that we can blamed for this, we spend every waking minute with ourselves. A little navel gazing is bound to occur from time to time, non?

However, there exists an adage, timeless in its wisdom, which I would like to bring to your attention (if I may). “It’s better to give than to receive”. As such, I would like to present you with a challenge, “The five minute favour”.

January is now almost over. All but the strongest-willed of us have given up on our resolutions, (usually because they’re too vast, too drastic, insurmountable almost!). So, to make up for the guilt you may feel about a not so brand new you, why not aim to spend five minutes a day, no more, no less, in performing a task, speaking some kind words, or whatever it is, as long as it is for someone else’s needs?

Five minutes is a gift of time that may not mean much to you, but could be the five minutes that make someone else’s day. As a bonus, if the recipient of your kindness, your time, plays it forward, you’re potentially starting off a chain of some seriously karmic goodness.