Food, glorious food. Food is, quite possibly, the one great love of my life. This love affair seems to have only truly bloomed within the past two or so years. I can’t remember being this enamoured of tasty treats in my younger days. It just crept in gradually, this adoration, reeling me in with flavours, smells and the sheer damn beauty of a plate laden with goodness.

We have an odd relationship, food and I. It started backwards. During my adolescence, we were enemies, in my early adulthood, friends. Now, in adulthood, we are, and always will be, lovers.
Previously, I regarded food as merely sustenance, the necessary fuel required to steer me through the day. I would eat bland, albeit healthy, meals. My taste buds were so uncultured to the wealth, the variety that existed in the world. I regret those wasted years now. Time that could have been spent experiencing culinary delights, beyond anything my imagination could conjure up. Of course, now, it has become almost a life goal to devour as many different combinations of foodstuffs as are available to me.

Perhaps I sound to you like something of the glutton? To a degree, you may be correct. However, I hold it to be an unquestionable truth, that food is good not just for the body, but the soul. A meal itself isn’t the standalone prize. There are so many other factors. The people you share it with, the place you eat it, the memories that are created. One faint whiff of a food you enjoy can take you back, instantly, to the first time you tried it. Spices, sauces, seasoning, transport you to far flung lands you may never have even visited, but have always dreamed about.

Of course, as with all things, overindulgence can ruin ones enjoyment. However, it is most often overindulgence of the most depressing, flavourless foods that leads to a rotund figure. Fast food, the bane of mankind. The convenience of this food is quickly overshadowed by the empty feeling it leaves inside. It fills a hole, but does it ever really make you happy? You spend money on something that has had no care taken in its preparation, is nothing but bad for your health, and the profits from which line the pockets of someone whom really doesn’t care if you enjoyed your meal.
Where’s the fun in that?

I associate food with many things; friends, family, joy, memories. It’s not always with the good times, who hasn’t comfort eaten when they’ve had a broken heart, a bad day at work? The one thing it reminds me of though, above all of these things, is love. It is the constant that allows our lives to keep on going, our hearts to keep beating. Food keeps us alive, loves gives us a reason to keep on living.