Lily Allen, Ivor Novello award winner, Brit Pop darling and feminist extraordinaire has smashed back onto the British music scene with a satire soaked single and video for her new single “Hard Out Here”.

The video, which features several recognisable hip-hop stereotypes (twerking, ass slapping, champagne , rims!) gives a clear and striking message of Lilys views against the use of the word “bitch”. The video has provoked comment regarding feminism and objectification of females in the music industry across blogs, YouTube and all other media,not always for the right reasons. Some writers and commenters have cited that the use of black female dancers in the video is an indication of Allen’s racist leanings. Although anyone whom has watched the video will see that satire really is the call of the day in this debate provoking, but altogether catchy tune (plus half of the dancers are of other skin colours).

Despite the question of racism, Lily never fails to disappoint in her aim in provoking thought and open opinion with her music. She is the breath of fresh air in a music industry that undeniably uses women as sexual props to sell records.

Have a view and let us know what you think!